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Synergy World, Inc. has developed a unique and innovative Patent Pending gift and rewards program which helps businesses attract new customers, creates customer loyalty, increases frequency of visits, and encourages word of mouth referrals.


Gift & Reward Card

Synergy can customize a reward card program to suite your marketing objectives. Typically, cardholders earn 1 Point for every $1.00 they spend. When they reach certain point thresholds, a reward is automatically loaded on the card, or printed on the sales receipt. All transactions are done in "real-time".



Auto Rewards
Whenever cardholders reach certain point thresholds a reward is automatically loaded on their card. For example:


100 Points = $15.00 Reward

The $15.00 is automatically loaded on the reward card when the customer spends $100.00. The next time the cardholder frequents the businesses the reward of $15.00 is automatically deducted on the sales receipt and the customer will pay the discounted amount.



Points for Rewards (restaurants)
Businesses have the option of printing the rewards on the sales receipts. There can be an unlimited number of tierd rewards. Rewards can also print with an expiration date. For example:


50 Points = Free Appetizer

100 Points = Free Entree (up to $15.00 Value)

200 Points = Free Entree and one bottle of wine



Points for Reward (services)

100 Points = 30 minute massage

200 Points = 60 minute massage

300 Points = Free Facial

500 Points = Deluxe Spa Package


Extended Discount
Businesses have the option of loading a "Discount on the purchase amount" which would be available on the next visit.
For example:
If a customer spends $100.00, a $10.00 reward will be loaded on the card for their next purchase. The "Extended Discount" drives customers back to the business in order to redeem the reward.



Electronic Punch Card
This is the simplest of the loyalty card programs. "Buy 9 and receive the 10th free". Synergy simply tracks the number of visits and automatically loads a "free" product or service on the card.



Build an E-mail Customer Database

Encourage cardholder registrations by offering an immediate reward on the card in exchange for your customers information [name, address, e-mail, b-day, anniversary, phone, etc]. Typical incentives are $5.00 - $20.00. This is a great way to build your e-mail data-base. Once the card is registered, cardholders can view their balance, points and rewards on-line. They can also use their telephone number as their reward card number.



"FULL SERVICE" Email Marketing (let us do the work)

Communicating with your reward customers is a key component in implementing a successful Reward Card program. Save thousands of dollars a year in printing and mailing costs. Synergy World offers full service e-mail marketing programs. You can also "segment" your customer list and send them special e-mail invitations. i.e. (loyal customers who have frequented your business 3 or more times in the last 30 days and have spent over x amount of money.


- Registrations (Your customers receive a "welcome e-mail" when the reward card is registered)


- Transactions (Your customers receive a "Thank You E-mail" after each transaction. Promote special offers or events)


- Birthdays (Load rewards on your customer's card when they frequent your business on their b-day)


- Anniversary E-mail (Automatically load a reward on the card on their anniversary)


- Miss You E-mails (Triggers if your customer have not frequented your business in 30, 45 or 60 days)


- Promotional E-mails (Your customers can earn double points or receive special offers during slow days/times)


- Holiday E-mails (Promote your business and keep in touch with your customers throughout the year)




Detailed Monthly Statements

Receive monthly statements and/or access your account on-line to view cardholder transactions. Reports include:
Cardholder Frequency, dollars spent for the month, total dollars spent, number of people referred, and the dollar volume of those referrals. Customized reports are also available upon request.



Card Printing

All Gift & Reward Cards are custom designed with your name and logo. Cards are printed on high quality "Teslin" material which enhances the colors of the card design. Based on the order quantity, card pricing typically ranges from .29c to .89c per card. Once the card artwork is approved, it takes approximately 7-10 business days to complete the order.



Cardless Option (Go Green and Go Cardless with Synergy)

Synergy World can help you implement a 100% cardless program. Save money on printing costs, and still benefit from a loyalty card program. Your customers can use their telephone number as their reward card number.

Please call Synergy for more information regarding our 100% cardless loyalty option.


TEXT Message Marketing (SMS)

Synergy World can help you implement a TEXT message marketing campaign. Give your customers the option to TEXT from their cell phone to our "short code" and instantly be enrolled in your reward card program. Once you have the customer cell phone number, you can begin promoting your rewards program and "texting" member only discounts and special offers.


Other TEXT features
Miss you text - automatically send a TEXT message with Dollars loaded on the card, if the customer has NOT frequented your business in 30 days.


Double Point Days - TEXT members the opportunity to earn double points on certain days/times of the week.


"Weather Trigger" - Wehter it's hot or cold, Synergy can automaically send a text to your customers inviting them to cool off or have a hot night at your business.











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